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SOCOMASK PRT18 is a hand-peelable protective coating developed to protect surfaces during chemical milling.


This product has been especially formulated to provide the following properties and performance:

    • High solids content in order to reduce solvents emission and make the application of thick layers easier with conventional spraying systems (airless, pneumatic) or by dipping.
    • Exceptional chemical resistance which offers a solution to most of the chemical protection problems : alkaline machining bath from 60 to 110° C (140 to 230° F), chromic-sulphuric mixture bath, hydrofluoric acid bath, detergent solution…, even with only 150 to 200 microns dry thickness
    • Resistance to shocks during forming and degreasing processes as well as storage, transport and various handling operations.
    • Protection of pieces against corrosion and splashes of acid or alkaline chemicals.
    • Resistance to temperature and very easy peeling, even after all chemical processes, exposure to bad weather and corrosive atmospheres.
    • SOCOMASK PRT18 when applied in sufficient thickness is easy to peel off, even after machining cycles.

For detailed information, refer to Product Datasheet


Product Datasheet


  • SOCOMASK PRT18 contains solvents; prolonged exposure to concentrated vapours as well as contact with the skin are to be avoided.
  • Use suitable ventilation. Keep sheltered from sun and heat sources.
  • In case of ingestion, move the patient to fresh air and call a doctor.


For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.


For professional use only.

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