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PL152-R1 High Temperature Markeing Paint



A single pack inorganic paints suitable for marking and coating high temperature steels.



  • Resistant in some colours to 800°C fuels, oils and lubricants, including Skydrol. Recently re-formulated, these products have been made more sprayable and therefore useable. Similar to Sermetel 406 – 413 range.
  • Red and orange still contain a safe cadmium pigment
  • Resistant to skydrol and other aggressive chemicals, solvents and liquids.


Approvals / Specifications:

  • MSRR 9041 – (Spraying)
  • MSRR 9285 – Brushing grade has recently been withdrawn and any of the listed products can be brushed. Up to 10% water can be added to make the product more easily sprayable. Similar to Allied Signal spec MCS 9055K
  • ITP (Spain) SMM-916


Product Identification

Product NoColourRR CodeOmat NoSimilar to
IP9091Clear Primer 66   7/124 
PL149White1380237/110ASermetel 739
PL150Green1380247/110B & 7/169BSermetel 413
PL151-R1Blue1380257/110FSermetel 412
PL152-R1Black1380267/110CSermetel 409
PL153Grey1380277/110DSermetel 411
PL155-R1Orange1380287/110ESermetel 406
PL167-R1Red1380167/110GSermetel 407
PL168-R1Yellow1381287/84Sermetel 1465


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Additional information

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