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Graphite Filled Skydrol Resistant Dry Film Lubricant

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Spray applied, stoving cured, silicon resin modified dry film lubricant for use where high operating temperatures preclude the use of conventional oils and greases.

Suitable for application to steel, aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys.

Used on, for example spherical bearing surfaces to protect against frottage corrosion and on bolts for torque and gives an exceptionally good rubbing wear resistance.

When used on bolts, it increases torque end loads. It is also used on turbine blade roots and fir trees where it reduces the likelihood of the disc splitting.


For detailed information, refer to Product Datasheet

Product Datasheet


    • Turbomeca Spec LB 541
    • MSRR9276, CPW 27, AMS 3132 (Graphite filled), RR Code 110565, OMAT 4/44C
    • CoMat #10 – 002, NSN 9150-99-500-0559, Kawasaki – JMSRR 9276, Honeywell Phoenix Arizona PCS 5022, GEC Marconi 1608/0038/001, SNECMA spec P1064, JAEC JCR – 024, MTU – MTS 1173


Alternative to the following:

    • PL239 (3862X9010) AFS473, which was originally PL239; Superseded PL 94 in about 1984
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