Composites – Bonded Strength

The advances made in composite technology has allowed greater use of composite material in aircraft design, even for primary structures. In most of the latest generation aircraft, a large portion of the fuselage and flight controls are made of composite materials to take advantage of its characteristic of strength and lightweight. In the aftermarket, maintaining and repairing these structures and components require special material, equipment and skill. Working with a group of well-known vendors, Hypercoat-Hansair offer our customers a range of products and services for both manufacturing and maintenance/repair applications. We offer:

·         Direct and process material – Structural adhesive films, vacuum bagging material and related consumable

·         Equipment and tooling – Autoclave process control module, laser projectors, bonding consoles, non-destructive defect locator 

·         Training & Support Services – Training modules for every skill level, repair and calibration of equipment