Handling chemicals poses challenges. Inventory issues such as storage, shelf life and disposal are the top agenda with most users, particularly in the aviation industry; as these translate to cost and eventually profitability.

Hypercoat-Hansair provides effective solution in chemical management. While most of our products are compliant to health and safety requirements, hazardous chemicals are being handled appropriately and professionally during storage, transportation and disposal. Our inventories are managed  such that our customers do not have to contend with the inconveniences of handling these products.     


Cleaning Chemicals

Environmentally responsible products substituting many regulated chemicals such as MEK, Toulene, Benzene and others. Used in various applications from general to precision cleanings, these products meet applicable specifications and conforms to the health, safety and environmental standards.


Sealants, Adhesives and Resins

Structural and non-structural adhesives, ester/phenolic/epoxy-based resins; acrylic and silicone sealants and primers.


Oils, Greases and Lubricants

Whether natural or synthetic, organic or inorganic, these products are designed for peak performance. Whether for multi-purpose or specific use, they provide maximum protection to component and equipment under varying operating conditions.