Making customer's experience memorable with comfort and sense of well-being.

First impression counts! The moment passengers get on board the aircraft they begin to form perceptions from the look of cabin interiors to in-flight amenities and services. It is no wonder many airlines spare no effort in equipping their cabins with the best to enhance customer's comfort and flight experience. They know a good perception is good for business It is for this reason that we strive to offer our customers a full array of superior quality interior products to cater for their exacting needs for aesthetics, luxury and comfort.


Fabrics and Curtains

  • Whether of wool, wool-blend or synthetic fibers, these fabrics are manufactured with environmentally sound technology and process. Available in a unlimited range of colors, designs and textures, either customized or ready off the shelf selections.


Carpet and Non-Textile Flooring

  • A choice of wool, wool-blend or nylon carpets that are hard-wearing and easy to maintain. We have lightweight carpets for fuel economy; and for sheer luxury, we offer plush custom-designed and hand-woven carpets.  Our NTFs durable, slip resistant and do not deform easily. They conform to stringent requirement and approved by OEMs.


Genuine and Synthetic Leather

  • A collection of high performance leathers that are supple, durable and lightweight in colors and textures to match any cabin interior design scheme. For exclusivity, we offer gaufrage-patterned leathers. We supply in full hides or cut-parts kits that reduce wastage and cost.