Corporate image is everything for an airline. The appearance of an aircraft’s exterior and interiors leave a lasting impression on a travelling passenger about the airline. A clean and shiny exterior gives a perception of a well-maintained aircraft. Likewise for the cabin interiors. It creates a sense of comfort and security to the passengers when they enter a cabin that is well-kept and clean.    


We have an array of products that allow the airline to achieve the goals of maintaining a positive image. These products are specifically designed for aviation application, having to go through tests to ensure they meet the various performance requirement.


For Aircraft Exteriors:

·         Environmentally compliant cleaners to remove the most stubborn dirt, leaving the surface clean and shining, while maintaining the durability of the coatings.

·         Polishes to maintain or bring back the shine of painted surface as well as bare metals


For Cabin Interiors:

·         Cleaners, deodorizers and disinfectants for the cabin, galley and aircraft toilet

·         Specialized cleaners and polishes for glass and plastics surfaces.