GMI AERO - New and Improved hot bonders
30 OCT 2013

Founded twenty five years ago, GMI AERO is a specialist of the technologies needed for the maintenance and fabrication of aircraft structures made of advanced materials. These technologies address the aircraft constructors and the airlines for the repair.

GMI AERO conceives and manufactures all the range of equipment for this industry. These techniques require a thourough knowledge of maintenance, mastering physical and chemical processes involved in all treatments for composite fabrication, NDT and advance bonding. The need for this technology is rapidly expanding with the introduction of new aircraft like Airbus A380, A350 and Boeing 787 or Bombardier CSJ.

In this field, GMI has explored all the phases of composite repair bonding and are able to propose all possible solutions either for R&D or for field operations. Their ANITA Bonding console family is now recognized as an international standard that takes bonding performances to the highest level.

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