edding® 8404 Aerospace Marker

  • edding 8404


edding® 8404 Fin Low Corrosion marking is ideal for areas where low corrosion marking is important, such as in aerospace, metal production or in the automotive industries. Naturally its ink is also waterproof and has a strong resistance towards many solvents and paints.


When the air gets thin, this edding 8404 aerospace marker with its extra fine nib and low-corrosion ink has no problems to withstand. Approved by British Aerospace to ABP 9-3323 Class A, it writes on nearly all surfaces and is used especially on metallic materials.




·         Aerospace marker for permanent and low-corrosion labelling of almost all materials, e.g. plastic, metal and rubber

·         The marker is approved by British Aerospace Airbus Ltd in accordance with ABP 9-3323 standard, Class A

·         The round nib has a stroke width of 0.75 mm

·         The water-based pigment ink in the aerospace marker is permanent, lightfast, quick-drying, waterproof and wear-resistant, and is also resistant to a wide range of solvents and paints

·         Available in the colour black

·         Without any added xylene or toluene



·         Extra fine stroke

·         Tested and approved by British Aerospace Airbus Ltd. to ABP 9-3323 Class A

·         Resistant to many solvents and paints

·         Practical clip prevents rolling away and can be secured on clothes and objects

·         Cap can be stored on the end of the barrel to prevent risk of losing it

·         Ready to use

·         Nib will not scratch the surface if, for example, circuit boards or sensitive materials are being written on

·         High-quality brand product

Made in Germany